Custom Cartoons: what’s the deal?

Custom cartoons are the perfect vehicle for delivering a message or an idea. In our busy world of information overload, just looking at a drawing for a few seconds can be a powerful experience.

It has been proven time and time again that whenever there is a written text and an illustration on the same page, readers first look at the illustration. Combine that with humor, and you have a winning combination.

People just love cartoons – they laugh, enjoy, and share them.

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Cartoons are a great help in communicating with your clients — your brand will be easier to remember and your marketing message is better understood with the help of visual humor. Your customers will pay closer attention to your message and products. Cartoons, as all visuals (illustrations or pictures), make a long-lasting impression in a person’s mind and can, without doubt, help them understand the material.

Vlad Kolarov and eToon’s cartoonists will be happy to create any customized cartoon, funny illustration, custom caricature, comics, and animation for you. Drop us a line and let us know exactly what you need.

Ordering a custom cartoon or humorous illustration is simple. After buying the package of your choice, just email us a detailed concept and any details you feel are important to include. Our cartoonists will get to work right away and create rough drawings that will be emailed to you for review. After approval, the finalized cartoon is emailed as a high-resolution file in the file format of your choice, TIFF, JPEG or PNG format.

Custom cartoon examples