Cartoons for your business

In 1998 the Internet was still a novelty.

Vlad Kolarov saw this as an opportunity to start – a cartoon content marketing agency featuring 1000s of searchable cartoons on a variety of topics.

We help businesses connect and communicate with their audiences. We’re always ready to create custom animations and illustrations that will precisely match your target market and bring awareness to your products.

Meet The Team

Meet the team and know what they do and love!

Vlad Kolarov

Founder, CEO, Cartoonist

Typical cartoonist. Coffee fanatic. Bacon guru. Movie buff.



Communicator. Troublemaker. Travel junkie. Wannabe gamer. Food guru.



Typical thinker. Incurable book eater. Island fairy. Friend of animals everywhere.


Social intern

Gamer. Friendly rap fanatic. Internet advocate. Devoted troublemaker.

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Make complex ideas simpler with the power of humor.

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