Sell your cartoons to our growing community of cartoon buyers

The more you sell, the more you earn with our progressive commission rate which is geared towards our authors being able to run a sustainable business model. Our job is to bring your cartoons to the attention of editors, art directors and other cartoon buyers, the most time consuming part of selling cartoons. Our cartoonists have the ability to charge for custom projects too.


We don’t require any exclusivity – you’re free to sell your cartoons on other sites or yourself. What we offer is additional markets and traffic of buyers, some of which you may not have access to.

High Profits

You earn 70% of each sale. The money are deposited automatically to your PayPal account after each successful sale (still in beta), or at the end of each month.

Please add the URL to your site or a place, where we can evaluate your cartoons.
Tell us a bit about yourself. This will appear on your profile page.

How does it work

Uploading Items

You have full control of uploading your cartoons, description and keywords.

Item Approval Proccess

We have a very fast and relaxed approval process – your work has the highest priority!

Item Pricing

We have a pricing structure that covers most usage (web: $35, print: $75, media: $150).

Payment Schedule

We have several different schedules, with the fastest the money are deposited automatically to your PayPal account after each successful sale.

The Rules

  1. We accept only original work
  2. Cartoons need to be funny
  3. Black and white or color cartoons are both OK
  4. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional cartoonist, or just starting in this exciting career, all that matters is… your cartoons. They need to be funny.