Cartoon: It’s true what they say…

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Cartoon By

Vlad Kolarov

Cartoon Description


“It’s true what they say, I’ve been much more productive since I started telecommuting.”


Don’t we all feel like playing a computer game in our PJs, although we need to finish that urgent project at work?

All joking aside, telecommuting can be a great solution! People prefer working from home than in an office because:

  • Fewer disruptions! They can focus better on their tasks and get more results.
  • No commute! More environmentally friendly and saves valuable personal time.
  • Saving money! No more gas expenses! They save on fuel or transit costs.

Companies often allow telecommuting for the following reasons:

  • To save on office space and supplies, and other overhead costs
  • To promote a better work/life balance
  • To improve productivity and reduce expenses associated with lost time due to disruptions
  • To foster a “green” workplace culture

Telecommuting can really be a win-win solution!

Hilarious cartoon from Vlad Kolarov. eToon.com has 1000s of searchable cartoons on a variety of topics, ready to be used in newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, websites, books, etc.