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Ad Cartoon

Marketing Cartoons = Awesomeness

Funny Sells! Plain and simple. If you want to have a memorable marketing campaign, product branding, corporate identity, introduce new clients to your products, keep in touch with old ones, get more traffic to your web site, lighten up the company’s business meetings, etc. — humor is the way to go!

Laughter has enormous power! People LOVE to be entertained! And as long as they smile they’ll buy!

Cartoons have been used in advertising and marketing for decades and they have a proven track record. Here are five powerful reasons why they work and why you should consider using them in your marketing campaign.

1. Cartoons are an incredibly effective way of communicating ideas and clarifying concepts

People in sales and marketing know how hard it is sometimes to break through the information clutter of the modern world. We have only a seconds to grab a client’s attention.
Cartoons do this naturally and effortlessly. The act of laughing means you’ve managed to connect with your client on a personal level and now you can build upon with your message.

2. Cartoons invite interaction and increase engagement

When clients use cartoons in e-mail campaigns, they usually see their open rates double and then even sustain the higher metric. Cartoons are also a great vehicle to provide a viral element to your campaign.

3. Cartoons reveal your message and add a viral “stickiness” factor to any campaign

Marketing campaigns can be expensive, so naturally you need the best ROI. Cartoons offer exactly that. No matter whether used in direct marketing, newsletters or email campaigns, it’s not a surprise that cartoons often end up on bulletin boards and office walls, where they can have a lasting effect on response.

4. Cartoons lighten the mood and can help break through to clients

If you’re involved in sells or strategic business development, then you know that the ability to break through to your clients is critical to your success. Businesses who use cartoons have seen spectacular results with great response and ROI rate.

5. Cartoons have a proven track record

Cartoons can make a quick and strong connection with your clients. People love, remember and enjoy sharing cartoons.

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