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Cartoon Logo 1
  • An Award-winning cartoonist assigned to your project
  • ALL RIGHTS to your logo (Exclusive Rights to custom characters)
  • Unlimited concept revisions
  • Unlimited colors for no additional fee!
  • Your logo will be available for download in several formats.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!



You’ve come to the right place! Whether you need a logo for the pet store, education institution, animation channel, or toy company, a professionally designed cartoon logo will make the difference and make your brand stand out. A good logo is the perfect attention grabber and will help turn your potential customers into return clients.

Let our Award-winning cartoonists create a Custom Cartoon Logo for your business! There are plenty of compelling reasons to have a logo designed for your company.

A long time ago, when most people couldn’t read, shop owners used standard symbols that told passersby that their establishment was a brewery, a pawn shop, or a tannery. Today we have developed that tradition into using images to explain the nature of our business, i.e. Business Logos. Without question, those images have to be catchy and memorable. What better way to grab the attention of your customers than to have a CUSTOM CARTOON LOGO/MASCOT?

Now that you have decided you need a Cartoon Logo, be ready to work with us and help us create the best design for you!

Here’s how our Design Process works in four simple steps:

1. Tell us about your company
To create an effective identity for you we need to completely understand your company. Use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us about your business, your goals, and the image you want to portray. Also, let us know what logos of other businesses you like or dislike. Let us know your ideas and we will turn them into the perfect logo for you!

Then we will be able to evaluate your needs, as well as the work required to develop the logo and we will give you a rough estimate. If you don’t like our cartoon logo design rates and feel you have a legitimate reason to be an exception to the rule, just let us know your circumstances and we can work on the price and the rights granted. When we agree on the price, we require a 50% deposit (we accept all major credit cards/Paypal), so we can schedule the work and begin the creative process.

2. The cartoon logo designing process
Our cartoonists will make at least 3 initial design concepts to choose from based on your ideas. We do not use clip art for any custom characters. Everything is hand-drawn, scanned, and then computer edited specifically for you and your business. You may choose one of these designs to move forward with either as is, or as a good starting point.

3. Revisions
Give the cartoonist some useful feedback that will help him refine your logo. Tell the designer what you like/dislike about each design, and what changes you would like to see in your chosen design direction. This will help your cartoonist to develop the best logo for your business. Included in the price are three revisions, which are more than enough to achieve the best result.

4. Approving your final Logo Design
At any point in the design process, you may choose to finalize your logo design. You may decide that one of the initial concepts is perfect, or you may make your choice after a few design revisions. Your new logo will then be made available for you to download in several formats so you can begin to implement your new identity as soon as possible. If applicable, we will also send you a CD Rom containing your new logo design in each graphic format.
Your final custom logo design will be made available to you for download upon project completion. You will get raster optimized files for the WEB: (*.GIF 72dpi, ..JPG 150 dpi,), high-resolution image (.TIF 300 dpi), scalable vector files for printing (*.ai, *.eps) in RGB, CMYK, and Pantone colors.