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Cartoonist forum

April 13, 2018 - By 

Join our cartoonist forum and learn the business of being a professional cartoonist

Long, long time ago, when my family moved to Canada, I was lucky enough to join a Cartoonist Forum where many different professional cartoonists shared secrets and ideas about the business. I was totally amazed by the kindness shown to me and other newcomers. Topics included what kind of pens and paper should be used, how to add color to cartoons, what kinds of scanners are the best and at what resolution to scan, how to do your taxes, and many more. It was a truly extraordinary online group of cartoonists that helped others without thinking twice.

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How To Make Your Presentation an Instant Success Using Cartoons

April 11, 2018 - By 
How To Make Your Presentation an Instant Success Using Cartoons: eToon cartoon for newsletters, presentations, websites, books and more

Presentations are not everyone’s┬ácup of tea. Standing in front of a group of coworkers and talking about metrics and goals is not a synonym for “Fun” for most people.

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